It is with great sadness that we must notify you that the end of days for this forum have come and gone. The forum barely gets any posts anymore, Facebook and other forums have become a more popular place for these discussions, and it just isn't worth the time or effort from a site administration perspective to invest the time necessary to maintain security and code updates for the software that we use.

Add to that the fact that we have users from all over the world, and are unable to adhere to GDPR regulations without a significant investment of time to overhaul the site, and it becomes obvious that we can't continue any longer.

It's been a fun ride from Delphi, to surfmaine, to hosted with me. I've been very happy to give the forum a place to live all these years, but the simple fact that there may be a couple posts a week (if we're lucky) is just not enough traffic to warrant continuing at this point.

I hope you all find your way to each other in all the other fora that still exist for our beloved motorcycle, as our community was our best asset.

Until we meet again, keep the shiny side up and I wish you best travels.