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 Post subject: The gambler's IRS audit
PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:35 pm 

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To celebrate "tax day"-
A gambler was summoned to the IRS for an audit. The agent says- "Sir, you are here early, please have a seat and we'll begin when your attorney arrives".
Gambler- "No, no, we can start now. I have nothing to hide"!
Agent- "Very well- You seem to have reported all your income, but we need further clarification on it's source. On you return, you listed as your occupation-"I make bets with people". We need more exact information".
Gambler- "I'll give you an example. I will bet you this $50,000 (pulls out thick stack of C-notes), against $500 from you, that I can pee over the length of your desk, into the trash can on the other side, and not get ANY on your desk! Even ONE DROP, and I lose. And YOU can hold the $50K until I do it"! (Hands the agent the cash).
The agent thinks- "This guy is insane! I could be fired if found out, but $50K!!! There is NO WAY he can do that"! The lure of the cash overwhelmed the agent, he said- "OK, it's a bet"!
The gambler stoops down by the desk, carefully eyeballing the situation. The gambler unzips, and lets go.
Well, NONE of the pee made it to the trash can! The agent's entire desk is drenched. The gambler sighs & says- "I was sure I could do it. Well, a bet's a bet. The cash is yours".
The agent begins jumping for joy, clapping, fist pumping, exclaiming "WOO HOO! YESSS"!
Right then the attorney enters, sees the grinning, gleeful agent, asks-"What's going on here"?
The agent knows he can't reveal the bet without being fired, so he says- "Oh, your client just peed on my desk, but HEY, don't worry, no problem, I'm TOTALLY fine with it"!
The attorney GASPS, clutches his chest, collapses into a chair. Agent asks- "Sir! What's wrong! Are you OK"?!
The attorney wheezes- "Last night... he bet me... $100,000... that he would come here today... pee all over your desk... and you'd be happy about it"!!!

 Post subject: Re: The gambler's IRS audit
PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:22 pm 

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