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 Post subject: Just the FAQs, Ma'am.
PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2004 7:42 pm 
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As the moderator, Folks, it is my responsibility to make sure that everyone plays nice and that folks get at least a 'I guess no one here knows" answer to every question. I also have to make sure that the general set-up of the board is maintained.

The downside of that (yes, there is an even downer side! ;)) is that I have to read each and every post that goes on this board. You know, to make sure that it is posted in an appropriate location and wih a relaltive PG-13 kind of rating...

But the past couple of weeks, posts are going all over the place. While this is great-- it means that our community is alive and well, it is also a lot of work--

Particularly when so many of the posts are scattered all over Hell and a half-acre.

So please, help me out. Try to keep your posts more or less where they ought to go by category. Not only does it help me, it helps to assure you that you get an answer, possibly many-- as not everyone goes to every subject heading.

This is the FAQ section-- a section austensibly for the most Frequently Asked Questions. While there are millions of questions, I think it is safe to say that few of us have heard repeated inquiries about cicadas and other things that have been popping up here.

The idea here was that mechanical, technical, and ridership questions (which we see hundreds of on the Discussion board) would drift here, both so that these questions would be asked to a crowd of folks looking to answer them, and to serve as a repository of the answers to common questions. Ideally, folks could search this area and find an answer within a few minutes, rather than have to depend on someone else to answer it. The side-benifit to this is that we don't answer the same twenty questsions every week: (Am I too big? What is the Mileage? How do I change the oil? What is the top speed? etc...)

Maybe I'm just old, but I notice that a lot of newer and younger folks don't look here for answers. And going through it, I can't really blame them--
it's a mess.

So do me and everyone else a favor:
You don't have to stop your conversations, but please, let's put them where they belong, folks.

Now I have to go and do this all over again for the area on 'how to use this web-site...' There's an irony, there-- there really is...



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------ Herb Christian

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2004 9:01 pm 
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good call, duke. will do.

in fairness, some of us have been guilty of thread drift, myself included.

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