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 Post subject: Ignore Me!
PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2011 5:52 pm 
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If you don't catch that reference, you are probably not a big fan of the Venture Brothers. :lol:

Folks, I can't help but notice that every year about this time (and again about mid-winter), tempers start to get short and personalities start to grind against each other. This time of year, I figure it's the rising heat and, if you're a daylighter, the extended work hours and demands. In mid-winter, I put it up to the shack nasties for those who have to park their bikes in the winter.

I've written long and lengthy diatribes on just how easy it is to be reasonably courteous to each other, and have, in the past, gone to great lengths to explain that if someone rubs you raw, when you respond in kind, you actually had to go out of your way to type it up, making you more than equally at fault for the conflict that ensues.

Those of you who were around a couple of years ago, when we first started the software switch over project, might remember that the whole reason we did the whole upgrade was to gain access to a then-new feature:

The Ignore button.

This thing is wonderful! It's truly astounding! Instead of letting someone repeatedly get your goat, you can simply go into your profile and select "ignore." You will never again see another post by this person. It will be like a Zen blessing, a complete removal of this irritation to your soul.

Why get yourself all worked up into a lather at the words of someone who you clearly feel has nothing of merit to say? Why go out of your way to read something from a person that you _know_ you disagree with, or that you feel needs cluing in to something? Instead of whipping out your clue bat and irritating _all_ of us with your inability to cope with someone of a group of someones, simply do the adult thing: Ignore them.

This time around, you don't even have to rely on your willpower to simply skip over what they have to say. You can ignore them.... with _SCIENCE_! :D

It's been said before, but if you missed it then, here's how it works:

Go up to the little banner at the top of pretty much _any_ page on this site. You will notice the words "Private Messages," "FAQ," Search, (which many people are already extremely proficient at ignoring ;) )," "Memberlist," "Profile," and "Log Out."

Don't go all the way to Log Out. Stop on "Profile" and click that. This will take you to your main Profile Page.

On the left of your main Profile Page, you will see a list of items you can chose from. Go directly to "Friends and Foes," right at the bottom of that list. Click it.

Friends and Foes has now expanded and has two sub-headings:

"Manage Friends" and "Manage Foes." Click "Manage Foes." From here, you simply enter their username into the empty box on the right side of the screen. If you can't recall their name exactly, and didn't have the foresight to copy it into your mouse, you can click the link where it says "find a member" and get the information you want.

Once you have entered all your "foes" into the list, you simply click "submit."

From then on, you will see only their name and a blank at any of their posts. If you're really thick-headed and just _like_ to aggravate yourself, you can still click their post to view it, but remember when this happens and you get irritated: _you_ did that, and you did it to yourself. You were already ignoring them and everything they had to say, yet you went out of your way to find something that irritated you. That should make you feel foolish enough to keep from making catcalls and derisive comments.

Ignore them: it just makes it better for _all_ of us.

You are now returned to your regularly scheduled programming. :)


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------ Herb Christian

"Ask your doctor if medical advice from a television commercial is right for _you_."

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