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 Post subject: Picture This! caption contest winners
PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 4:39 pm 
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Based on a ridiculously arbitrary process, Laura and I have settled on the final three winners, from a lengthy list of really good entries. You all did a great job, showed lots of initiative, gave 110%, did your Moms proud, it was really hard to choose from so many excellent choices, blah blah blah...

Third place goes to Pauljack for "Some women just don't know when to let go" (and thanks, pauljack, for the case of Crown Royal)

Second place goes to rcoolbaugh for "Man! This bike really hugs the corners! " (Laura says thanks for the chocolate)

And first place goes to SG-1 (Jim) for: "See this line, dear? There's a reason its there " (Jim: Loving the new leather jacket, man!)

We appreciate that those may not have been your choices, so Laura and I are devising a similarly complex grievance process complete with a four page form to be filled out by you, and notarized. We'll post it as soon as it is completed.
Thanks for your patience.

 Post subject: Caption This Part 2 Contest winners
PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:32 am 

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After careful consideration and much libation (Paultjack-thanks again for the Crown Royal) we have come up with the winners for our latest contest.
We appreciate the thought that went into the entries and the laughs provided by them. The usual rules of grievance apply-form filled out in quadruplicate, in English and French, mailed snail mail to the judges. We will then consider your case and if the case is full of beverages there is a good chance of winning your appeal.
Again there were a lot of good responses, and we thank you all for your time.

Third place goes to:
Rcoolbaugh-I knew I shouldn't have used armor all on the seat.

Second place to:
Ddouble-Although he loved racing George just couldn't bring himself to get on a bike after the crash last season.

And the Grand Prize winner is--
Redneckrebel-Although still 'recovering' from his road trip with his ex-wife, Charlie did not allow the road rash on his backside to stop him from competing in the big race

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:11 pm 

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OK, that was a fun contest. Lots of good entries for a great picture.
After lots of deliberation me and Uncle Fester have put together our list...

So, I'm sure you are all wondering who the winners and next judges will be!

In reverse order:

3rd Place wrote:
youngheart80: "MIT announced a new camera which shows a visual representation of the subject's apparent mental age during certain activities."

2nd Place wrote:
rcoolbaugh: After Fantasy Island, Hervé Villechaize couldn't go anywhere without fans asking for his autograph.

And the obvious winner...
1st Place wrote:

I would like to offer
Honorable Mention wrote:
GreenMachine: Cop says, "Those Chinese clones look so much bigger on their Web sites."

It was close for third place and a great last minute entry.

Congratulations to our winners!

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:20 pm 
Best Loser!

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I'm just going to run with this one. Here are my findings. Rest assured this is not easy, there are many good captions here.

1st place
mudbug42 wrote:
It could be worse, mate. You could have a flat.

2nd place
paultjack wrote:
Dear Sir,
I am the daughter of a rich Oil Barron from Nigeria. My fauther was murdered under suspecious cercomstances. Before he died he hid his money in a motorcycle tire and only my lawyer nows the combination to release it. I am seeking your assistance to retreive my fortune - the sum of $4,800,000(For Million eight Hundred Thousand U.S.)

Please forward to me the following information so my lawyer can assist you in retreiving the fortune. For your efforts you will receive %40 of the total amount hidden.


To ensure my lawyer does not send important paperwork while you will be away I ask that you state at what time you will be away from your home for holiday and work for the next 6 months.

I am including a photo of my father's tire so you can be assured that it actually exists. It is being held in a secure location. As you can see, it is quite full. This is due to the rolls of money hidden inside. Without the money the tire would be flat. Rest assured that the money is there as the photo reveals,proves.

God Bless You Kind Man

Yours truely
Uwanna Bunga

3rd place
With apologies to Brent, I did find this funny.

Uncle Fester wrote:
For sale, red 1991 Honda Nighthawk with excellent Givi hardside luggage set up! Only problem is I left the front tire in New Brunswick
Asking $800

You are up, lets get another one going.

Set the judges for the next round. Sorry we let this one drag.



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