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 Post subject: The Rules
PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 11:54 pm 
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Like the title says,

too often riders find themselves with only a limited number of vendors to get what they need. And all too often we have to turn to out-of-the-way sources, like mail-order, websites, or low-budget catalogues.

For the most part, there aren't too many issues. But a lot of us have had 'that' experience. And all of us have heard 'that' story-- the horror story of poor service, shipping bungles, or blatant scams.

Why does this happen? Well, as a splinter market, we don't have the vast main-stream sources open to us for our needs that many other enthusiast groups do. And even when we find a potential source, the odds are pretty good that we aren't going to bump into a lot of people out on the street that do regular business with them. So we take our chances.

The problem is that a lot of the schemers know this. They know that we are often short on choices, and as such are often more willing-- or even forced-- to take a chance. And they are more than ready to give us a chance.

But there is another group as well-- a group that poses the biggest problems for us, as it is by far the largest group that we have to deal with. I am refering to the mostly-honest people that know they have us cornered. The people who do conduct legitmate business, but do so very poorly, figuring that they don't have a lot of competition for our business.

And the only way we really have to find out who is who is to take a chance. It gets frustrating, and it gets expensive.

So I decided that maybe we should have a place to help each other get the service and support that we crave.

To that end, I have added this section-- a place where you can post feedback about any company or dealership or small business that you have dealt with and found that something about the way they do business deserves comment on, good or bad.

And these are the Rules for this section:

This won't do us a bit of good if it isn't neat and orderly. Now I can't really organize it, as the positions of everything will vary from person to person depending on what has been posted where, and who has seen it already. But there are things we can all do to keep it as neat and useful as possible.

1) The topic line of any thread is to be the name of that business, period. No name-calling, no puns, no insults, no additions or ommissions. Just the name of that business.

2) BEFORE adding a thread about a business or entity, search this entire section to see if there is already a thread for that business. This should be very easy to do, as if the rules are followed, the name of the business will be title of the thread (see the logic there?) If there is for the business, then add your post to that thread. Even if your experience was radically different from someone else's, the purpose of this section is to give as much feedback as possible about as many vendors as possible.

3) THIS IS NOT A FORUM FOR ADVERTISING FOR YOUR FAVORITE VENDOR, or for yourself. Any directly solicitous posts will be deleted by one of the mods as soon as it is discovered. This forum is for honest personal feedback, period.

4) Feel free to relate your experience with this supplier in its entirety, with as many details as you feel are relevant, but please do make an effort to be as concise as possible. This is not a forum to rant or to vent; it is here soley so that your experience may help others. The less excess that your friends have to wade through, the more usefull this will be. Any moderator may PM you and ask you to 'trim' a post if it contains too much uneccessary information. If it isn't trimmed within a reasonable amount of time, it will be trimmed right off the board.

5)If you have had a good experiene, feel free to post that as well. After all, the goal here to help guide people toward those sources with whom doing business is a pleasant thing. Feel free to give one phone number, one e-mail address, and one contact name if you desire. We'll tell them you sent us. :wink:

6)Notice that I said _one_ name, _one_ number, and _one_ e-mail address in Rule 5. And yes, this is Rule 6.

7)Your post may be about an Independant Shop, a Dealership (yes, dealers are fair game-- and perhaps the most important to know about if you are thinking about buying a bike!), a mail-order or online company, salvage yard, or any other legitimate business concern.

8 ) Abso-freakin'-lutely NO AUCTIONS! I don't care if it is an 'auction house store,' the fact remains that you are not dealing with a real business; you are dealing with a private individual, and if you haven't figured out yet that it's a lot like playing Russian Roulette, that's really on you anyway. Besides, it's not like that person is ever going to do business under that same handle again if he is a scammer or gets too much negative press. And the short handle is that the auction sites all have their own mechanisms for collecting reports on their vendors. There is just no sense in wasting bandwidth here to do the same thing.

8 addendum) Owing to the large number of concerns over foreign-run e-Bay stores, there has been one thread created specifically for negative feedback about e-Bay vendors. I say negative only, because, as noted in the bulk of Rule 8, there are eleven bajillion
vendors associated with e-Bay, some private individuals, some actual merchants who have found a way to maximize profits and move old goods. While I personally still stand the above-mentioned idea that grown men and women should be well-aware of the potential for being ripped-off in such a situation, some of the other mods-- in particular, Shadow Shack (so if this helps you, thank him personally. I'm not hard-hearted, but I'm willing to let people make their own mistakes if they go against good business sense)-- feel it would be better for our community to at least put up a few warnings about known e-Bay offenders.

Shadow Shack is to be the sole keeper of this thread in an effort to keep it organized, manageable, and helpful. Anyone with any issues with a particular e-Bay vendor please PM your story to Shadow Shack, who will then post it to the e-Bay thread.

Save this one addendum, the ABSO-FREAKIN'-LUTLEY NO AUCTIONS!! Rule is still in effect.

9) Do not assume that just because someone else has already posted an experience similar to yours that you need not add your own story. Additional stories show patterns; that is far more important than a few mishaps that could happen to anyone.

10) This is second only to the Abso-freakin'-lutely NO AUCTIONS! rule, but I put it last so that it might be freshest in the mind:
Please, this is _not_ an arena for conversation. Make your comments, and leave. Again, the less excess that someone has to wade through, the more information they can glean. Clutter it up too much, and it just isn't worth doing. Not to say that you can't make multiple posts if you have had multiple experiences with a company; let's just not make a dialogue out of this stuff.

Thanks folks.

Now feel free to help each other out.


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------ Herb Christian

"Ask your doctor if medical advice from a television commercial is right for _you_."

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 12:58 pm 
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