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 Post subject: Dutrow's Honda
PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 5:48 pm 

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City: Woodsboro
This is the only Honda dealership for MILES and MILES. It's been in the area for close to 50 years. Occasionally I'll venture in, have a look at the 10 or so bikes they have in stock and then maybe buy a a part I need. They have more scooters than bikes, but there's only one of each model. So, there's no selection at all. In fact, they also have a bunch of historic bikes, not for sale, but out numbering the inventory!

While I was there I ordered a set of fork seals and oil filter for one of my bikes. They guy behind the counter is named Elvis. He's a bit strange. Hard to explain - the best I can do is he's an android. Talks like one. Has the personality of one...

One of the other workers arrived while I was conversing with Elvis. Elvis told this guy to speak with the guy on the phone and tell him he couldn't cross-reference the spark plug for his bike. Basically, because it wasn't a Honda he was just going to blow off the business. This is in fact classic behavior for this place. Last year they wouldn't install tires on one of my bikes because I didn't buy the tires from them.

While back at home I decided to do some additional maintenance on the Wing. The Neutral Switch isn't working correctly and the light stays on all the time. There's the possibility of taking it apart if I was lucky - I was not. It got destroyed in the process. So, I called Dutrow's to inquiry about getting a replacement one. It has to be ordered - as I suspected. I asked what the cost would be and was told it was going to be $74. That's really expensive. I asked if he would give a discount - after all, I just bought some over-priced fork seals from them (my way of helping out the local guy). Nope, no discount, no reduction in price. I was told that's the price in the computer and that's what he has to charge. I mentioned that I could easily order the part and get it 33% off easily. He said, that's a good option, that I could get OEM or an after-market part elsewhere. So, I did. The part I ordered cost me nearly 50% less and is OEM Honda.

It's been said before to me that the guys at Dutrow don't want to do any work or make money and each time I go in I get further conformation of this.

While Elvis is nice, no one else there (other than Mr. Dutrow - and that's another story) has ever spoke to me. I've spent 20 minutes there looking over bikes and never once has anyone come to talk to me. They sit in the corner talking among them selves, occasionally to see if I still exist or will possibly interrupt their conversation...

I'm not sure how to recommend this place. You could go in and order parts and wait on them a few days or a week or so. Or you could pay a good bit less and order them elsewhere get them close to the same time period. I suppose if you needed a shop to do some work for you I would recommend them, but other than in an emergency it's hard to give them a recommendation. I'm just disappointed every time I go in there. I really wish there was another Honda shop around here.

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